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Please step in for your common needs:

  1. Housing Loan
  2. Business Loan
  3. Vehicle Loan
  4. Loan against pledge of Gold Ornaments at competitive rates and affordable repayment schedule.
  5. Education Loan*
  6. Enjoy the facility of Safe Deposit Lockers (Rent Free*) at Central Office, Ratnagiri, Khed, Chiplun, Kalyan, Shriwardhan & Kausa Branches. Please step in for your common needs.
  7. Recurring Deposit, Daily Deposit Schemes.

(*Conditions apply).

  • Many more deposit schemes that anticipate every needs.
  • Fully computerised Bank with convenient banking hours.
  • Different Loan Schemes with early repayment schedules.
  • We issue Demand Draft / At Par Cheques through out India in tie up arrangement with other banks.
  • ATM, Teller Payment, Tele Banking & Rent Free Safe Deposit Lockers.
  • We respect the Senior Citizens by paying ½% more.

Kokan Bank Monthly Income Scheme

  • Deposit Rs. 1,66,500/- for 18 months and earn Rs. 1,000/- per month.

Lakhpati Deposit Schemes in 5 Years

  • General Public
    Deposit Rs.1,372/- p.m.
  • Senior Citizen
    Deposit Rs.1,354/- p.m.
  • Student Saving
    We cultivate the habit of saving amongst Students. Start saving Rs. 5/- per day (i.e Rs. 150/- p.m.) when you enter Std. V and get Rs. 13,200/- when you complete Std. X (i.e Six years).
  • Higher Returns for Senior Citizens
    ½% more interest on all Senior Citizen Deposits.


Interest Chart

Effective from 20.06.2017

The following Interest Rates are subject to change as per R.B.I. Directives and as per Bank’s Policy. Kindly confirm for latest interest rates by visiting any of our nearest branches or contact any of the branches through our Contact Us section.


7 Days to 29 Days
30 Days to 90 Days
91 Days to 180 Days
181 Days to 12 Months
Above 12 Months to 18 Months
Above 18 Months to 30 Months
Above 30 Months

It is our pleasure to provide personalised as well as customised banking solutions to our privileged customers.

Interest Rates

We have Deposit schemes and interest rates that anticipate every needs.

  • Your convenience
    Fully computerised Bank with convenient banking hours and teller payments upto Rs. 20,000/- for faster services.
  • Demand Drafts / At Par cheques
    We issue Demand Drafts / At Par Cheques to our customers throughout India in tie up arrangement with other banks.
  • ATM
    We also provide A.T.M. Services to our customers Free of Any Charges.
  • Rent Free Lockers
    For the security of your valuable Kokan Bank provides at rent free vaults in a range of sizes to our Term Deposit Holders.
  • Half % More Interest
    We pay 0.5% more interest on deposits of Senior Citizens, Societies & Trust Accounts.

For more details please contact nearest Branch Manager.

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