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List Of Administration:

Name Designation Department
MR. SADANAND K. NAYAK Chief Executive Officer -
MR. A. H. KHIDIR Chief General Manager -
MR. AKBAR KONDKARI Deputy General Manager -
MR. HMS GAWANDE Assistant General Manager Accounts & Compliance Officer
MRS. SHAGUFTA KHALFAY Assistant General Manager Law
MR. M. IQBAL JALGAONKAR Assistant General Manager Credit
MR. ANANDA JEEVAVASAHAN Assistant General Manager Vigilance & Credit Development
MR. IRFAN KAZI Assistant General Manager Business Development & Marketing
MR. SATTAR SHAIKH Senior Manager Audit, Inspection & Principal Officer
MR. NOOR M. MUKADAM Senior Manager Clearing & Nodal Officer
MR. SHAUKAT KAZI Senior Manager HR
MR. HASHAM DHAMASKAR Senior Manager Recovery
MR. JAHID SHAIKH Senior Manager IT

Harbour Crest, Mazgaon T.T., Mumbai - 400 010.

+91-22 2372 3753, 2372 9969, 2637 9971, 2373 4202, 2373 4311